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Water has intelligence

Do Elements display consciousness and intelligence?

Our bodies are composed from the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The all pervading conciousness pervades these five elements also.

The following article refers to various experiments that show that Human thoughts, emotions and sounds can change water crystal's shape. Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan has spent many years studying water.His cutting-edge research into the relationship between water and thoughts has stunned the world. He was featured in the popular movie: What the BLEEP Do We Know.

Water when frozen, can show its conscience in the form of crystals.


As we all know, water has many well researched properties which make it the main life supporter of the planet. But there's something about water that the mainstream science tries to ignore and deny, and it is the water consciousness, or the capacity of water to record and store information and to react to vibrational influences

.However Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig, Prof Schweitzer and Dr. Masru Emoto have clearly proved that water can act as a liquid tape recorder, being able to receive and transmit electro-magnetic vibrations to the molecules. This process of transmssion- amplification and storage of molecular signals, is something natural to all human beings, and the scientific experiments, call for our special attention to the kind of thoughts and words that we use.

Question by .REIKO:

"You mentioned in your book how you would type out words on a piece of paper and paste these written words onto a bottle, and see how the water reacted to the words -- what kind of crystals were formed from the words. From your research, are you able to discern whether the reaction of the water came from the vibration of the actual words that were pasted onto the bottles, or whether the intention of the person who was pasting the words onto the bottle influenced the experiment in any way?"

Answer by DR. EMOTO:
"This is one of the more difficult areas to clarify. However, from continuing these experiments we have come to the conclusion that the water is reacting to the actual words. For example, for our trip to Europe we tried using the words "thank you" and "you fool" in German. The people on our team who took the actual photographs of the water crystals did not understand the German for "you fool," and yet we were able to obtain exactly the same kind of results in the different crystal formations based on the words used."

REIKO: Have you come across a particular word or phrase in your research that you have found to be most helpful in cleaning up the natural waters of the world?

DR. EMOTO: Yes. There is a special combination that seems to be perfect for this, which is love plus the combination of thanks and appreciation reflected in the English word gratitude. Just one of these is not enough. Love needs to be based in gratitude, and gratitude needs to be based in love. These two words together create the most important vibration. And it is even more important that we understand the value of these words.

For example, we know that water is described as H2O. If we were to look at love and gratitude as a pair, gratitude is the H and love is the O. Water is the basis that not only supports but also allows the existence of life. In my understanding of the concept of yin and yang, in the same way that there is one O and two Hs, we also need one part yang/love to two parts yin/gratitude, in order to come to a place of balance in the equation.

Love is an active word and gratitude is passive. When you think of gratitude -- a combination of appreciation and thankfulness -- there is an apologetic quality. The Japanese word for gratitude is kan-sha, consisting of two Chinese characters: kan, which means feeling, and sha, apology. It's coming from a reverential space, taking a step or two back. I believe that love coming from this space is optimal love, and may even lead to an end to the wars and conflicts in the world. Kan-sha is inherent in the substance H2O -- an essential element for life".



.The water that we daily consume, is not so pure as we might think. Modern man will de-energise water through synthetic processing and adds to it many chemicals to kill dangerous bacteria and micro-organisms. All this mechanical and chemical treatment changes pure water properties, and makes it carry unwanted signals and wavelengths potentially harmful for us

.Dr Wolfang Ludwig has demonstrated that many harmful electromagnetic frequencies and oscillations can be transferred into the human organs through water while Dr. Emoto author of "Messages of Water" has proved that even sound and music change the structure of water crystals

Water molecules have a positive and a negative pole, and that's why they can behave like little magnets, attaching themselves to the neighbouring molecules, to form clusters of several hundred molecules. These clusters are very sensitive structures that could easily be affected, and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them, this way storing information into the water.

This is closely related to homeopathy. Homeopathy works because of the cluster's ability to store vibrational imprints. On the homeopathic process, the vibrational patterns become locked into the cluster structure of water, and when you drink the homeopathic remedy, the cluster structure is transferred into you, and you will respond to the vibrational pattern.


Water appears to act as the Earth's sensory organ for the cosmic cycles. We all know how the tides react to the moon's phases, and Dr. Theodor Scwen has investigated the subtle effects of the cosmos on water, and has clearly showed the variations in water respond to changes in planetary constellation

He found that moving water acts as a receiver, while still water preserves the received information. In his experiments he shook water at regular intervals, before solar eclipse, throughout (during solar eclipse) and after a solar eclipse. He found that wheat grains that used water shaken during thesolar eclipse had a stunted growth, whereas the growth were normal when with use of the water that was shaken before and after the solar eclipse. (Other experiments afterwards confirmed this correlation of plant growth and planetary constellation)

.Lawrence Edwards had also carried out fascinating work on how the shape of tree and flower buds change their shape as the planetary alignments change. For example the planet Mars influences the oak, Venus the birch, the cherry is influenced by the Sun, etc

.In the same manner, water is highly susceptible to changes in the cosmic constellation. It is receptive to cosmic influence and conveys its information to all living organisms, because they are all largely composed of water.


One of the most fascinating investigations about water properties is Dr. Emoto that proved that human thought, emotions and sounds can change water crystal's shape.

Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made an one hour prayer practice beside the dam.

After the prayer, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed, and the ugly blobs became clea,r bright crystals.

Reverend Kato explained that during his prayer he invoked the spirits of the Seve Benzaite: the Goddesses of Fortune (that might be the reason why some of the crystal's color is gold).

And what do you think that happened to Reverend Kato?

While he prayed he had to generate within himself the devotional vibrations that changed the dam water's crystals, and at the same time that he was purifying the dam, he was purifying himself changing the shape of all the water within his body.

Dr Emoto's investigation included taping words or people's names to the bottles, playing music to them or exposing them to floral essences.

Water from clear mountain springs and streams show beautiful crystalline structures, while polluted or stagnant water is deformed and distorted.

Distilled water exposed to classical music takes delicate symmetrical crystalline shapes.
Water that´s bombarded with heavy metal music, negative thoughts and emotions, or is labeled with negative words, look ugly.

Water treated with aromatic floral oils tends to mimic the shape of the original flower

.The same effect produces exposing water crystals to negative words or ideas.

Another very interesting experiment was to tape the words "You Fool" to a recipient of distilled water. The pattern is almost identical to the pattern that produced the heavy metal music.

Dr. Emoto's amazing experiments tells us that even when we can´t see immediate results for our prayers and mind control exercises, the energy of our thoughts surround us. When we love ourselves our bodies respond, when we send love to our neighbour their bodies respond, and when we send love to mother Earth, she responds, because our bodies are 70 percent water and the Earth´s surface is also 70 percent water.

Water is far from inanimate, water is conscious of what surrounds it, of our thoughts and of our feelings.

When you use the power of your mind to project positive feelings, the water that's everywhere around you and inside you, will receive positive, natural, spiritual and healing information, that will store in its molecules and will broadcast to other molecules, giving love, peace and health to yourself and all that you project your love to.

Read Dr Emoto's teachings. Click below


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