Trees Have Life

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Trees Have Life From the Mahabharata


From the Mahabharata
Vana Parva, Section 3

Yudhishthira, the son of Kunti, approached his priest
and in the midst of his brothers said:

The Brahmanas versed in the Vedas are following me who am departing for the forest. Afflicted with many calamities I am unable to support them. I cannot abandon them, nor have I the power to offer them sustenance. Tell me, O holy one, what should be done by me in such a pass?

After reflecting for a moment seeking to find out the (proper) course by his Yoga powers, Dhaumya, that foremost of all virtuous men, addressed Yudhishthira in these words:

In days of old, all living beings that had been created were sorely afflicted with hunger. And like a father (unto all of them), Surya (the sun) took compassion upon them. And going first into the northern declension, the sun drew up water by its rays, and coming back to the southern declension, stayed over the earth, with his heat centered in himself. And while the sun so stayed over the earth, the lord of the vegetable world (the moon), converting the effects of the solar heat (vapours) into clouds and pouring them down in the shape of water, caused plants to spring up. Thus it is the sun himself, who, drenched by the lunar influence, is transformed, upon the sprouting of seeds, into holy vegetable furnished with the six tastes. And it is these that constitute the food of all creatures upon the earth. Thus the food that supports the lives of creatures is instinct with solar energy, and the sun is, therefore, the father of all creatures. Do thou, hence, O Yudhishthira, take refuge even in him. All illustrious monarchs of pure descent and deeds are known to have delivered their people by practising high asceticism. The great Karttavirya, and Vainya and Nahusha, had all, by virtue of ascetic meditation preceded by vows, delivered their people from heavy afflictions. Therefore, O virtuous one, as thou art purified by the acts do thou likewise, entering upon a life of austerities, O Bharata, virtuously support the regenerate ones.

Trees Have Life
From the Mahabharata
Santi Parva, Section CLXXXIV

Bhardwaja said: When the high-souled Brahman has created thousands of creatures, why is it that only these five elements which he created first, which pervade all the universe and which are great creatures, have come to have the name of creatures applied to them exclusively?

Brigu said: All things that belong to the category of the Infinite or the Vast receive the appellation of 'Great'. It is for this reason that these five elements have come to be called Great Creatures. Activity is wind. The sound that is heard is space. The heat that is within it is fire. The liquid juices occurring in it are water. The solidified matter, viz., flesh and bones, are earth. The bodies (of living creatures) are thus made of the five (primeval) elements. The five senses also of living creatures partake of the five elements. The ear partakes of the properties of space, the nose of earth the tongue of water touch of wind and the eyes of light (of fire).

Bharadwaj said: If all mobile and immobile objects be composed of these five elements, why is it that in all immobile objects those elements are not visible? Trees do not appear to have any heat. They do not seem to have any motion. They are again made up of dense particles. The five elements are not noticed in them. Trees do not hear, they do not see, they are not capable of perceptions of scent and taste. They have not also the perception of touch. How then can they be regarded as composed of the five (primeval) elements? It seems to me that in consequence of the absence of any liquid material in them, of any heat, of any earth, of any wind, and of any empty space, trees cannot be regarded as compounds of the five (primeval) elements.

Brigu said: Without doubt, though possessed of density, trees have space within them. The putting forth of flowers and fruits is always taking place in them. They have heat within them in consequence of which leaf, bark, fruit and flower, are seen to droop. They sicken and dry up. That shows they have perception of touch. Through sound of wind and fire and thunder, their fruits and flowers drop down. Sound is perceived through the ear. Trees have, therefore, ears and do hear. A creeper winds round a tree and goes about all its sides. A blind thing cannot find its way. For this reason it is evident that trees have vision. Then again trees recover vigour and put forth flowers in consequence of odours, good and bad, of the sacred perfume of diverse kinds of Dhupas (incense). It is plain that trees have scent.

They drink water by their roots. They catch diseases of diverse kinds. Those diseases again are cured by different operations. From this it is evident that trees have perceptions of taste. As one can suck up water through a bent lotus-stalk, trees also, with the aid of the wind, drink through their roots. They are susceptible to pleasure and pain, and grow when cut or lopped off. From these circumstances I see that trees have life. They are not inanimate. Fire and wind cause the water thus sucked up to be digested. According, again, to the quantity of the water taken up, the tree advances in growth and becomes humid.

The Five Elements

In the bodies of all mobile things the five elements occur. In each the proportions are different. It is in consequence of these five elements that mobile objects can move their bodies. Skin, flesh, bones, marrow and arteries and veins, that exist together in the body are made of earth. Energy, wrath, eyes, internal heat, and that other heat which digests the food that is taken, these five, constitute the fire that occurs in all embodied creatures. The ears, nostrils, mouth, heart and stomach, these five constitute the elements of space that occurs in the bodies of living creatures. Phlegm, bile, sweat, fat, blood, are the five kinds of water that occur in mobile bodies. Through the breath called Prana a living creature is enabled to move. Through that called Vyana, they put forth strength for action. That called Apana moves downwards. That called Samana resides within the heart. Through that called Udana one eructates and is enabled to speak in consequence of its piercing through (the lungs, the throat, and the mouth). These are the five kinds of wind that cause an embodied creature to live and move.

Properties of scent an embodied creature knows through the earth element in him. From the water element he perceives taste. From the fire element represented by the eyes, he perceives forms, and from the wind element he obtains the perception of touch. Scent, touch, taste, vision, and sound, are regarded as the (general) properties of every mobile and immobile object. I shall first speak of the several kinds of scent. They are agreeable, disagreeable, sweet, pungent, far-going, varied, dry, indifferent. All these nine kinds of scent are founded upon the earth element. Light is seen by the eyes and touch through the wind element. Sound, touch, vision and taste are the properties of water. I shall speak (in detail) now of the perception of taste. Listen to me. High-souled Rishis have spoken of diverse kinds of taste. They are sweet, saltish, bitter, astringent, sour, and pungent. These are the six kinds of taste appertaining to the water element. Light contributes to the vision of form. Form is of diverse kinds. Short, tall, thick, four-cornered, round, white, black, red, blue, yellow, reddish, hard, bright, smooth, oily, soft and terrible. These are the sixteen different kinds of form which constitute the property of light or vision. The property of the wind element is touch. Touch is of various kinds: warm, cold, agreeable, disagreeable, indifferent, burning, mild, soft, light and heavy. Both sound and touch are the two properties of the wind element. These are the eleven properties that appertain to the wind. Space has only one property. It is called sound.

Sounds – Seven Original (Musical) Notes

I shall now tell thee the different kinds of sound. They are the seven original notes called Shadja, Rishabha, Gandhara, Mahdhyama, Panchama, Dhaivata and Nishada. these are the seven kinds of the property that appertains to space. Sound inheres like the Supreme Being in all space though attached especially to drums and other instruments. Whatever sound is heard from drums small and large, and conchs, and clouds, and cars, and animate and inanimate creatures, are all included in these seven kinds of sound already enumerated. Thus, sound, which is the property of space, is of various kinds. The learned have said sound to be born of space. When raised by the different kinds of touch, which is the property of the wind, it may be heard. It cannot, however, be heard, when the different kinds of touch are inceptive. The elements, mingling with their counterparts in the body, increase and grow. Water, fire, wind are always awake in the bodies of living creatures. They are the roots of the body. Pervading the five life-breaths (already mentioned) they reside in the body.
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Vishnu Sahasranamam


Om visvam vishnur- vashatkaaro bhoota-bhavya-bhavat-prabhuh
bhoota-krit bhoota-bhith bhaavo bhootaatmaa bhoota-bhaavanah


1 Om visvam   6 bhoota-bhith
2 vishnuh   7 bhaavh
3 vashatkaarh   8 bhootaatmaa
4 bhoota bhavya  bhavat prabhuh   9 bhoota-bhaavanah
5 bhoota krit      

1. Om! He that enters all things, besides Himself
2. He that covers all things
3. He unto whom sacrificial libations are poured
4. The Lord of the Past, the Present, and the Future t
5. The Creator (or Destroyer) of all existent things, the Existent, the Soul of
all, the originatoor of all things.
6. The upholder of all existent things
7. The Existent
8. The Soul of all
9. The Originator of all things

pootaatmaa paramaatmaa cha muktaanaam paramaa gatih
avyaayah purushah saakshee kshetrajno akshara eva cha.

10 poota-atmaa   14 purushah
11 parama-atmaa cha   15 saakshee
12 muktaanaam paramaa gatih   16 kshetrajno
13 avyaayah   17 akshara eva cha
10.Of cleansed Soul 
11.The Supreme Soul 
12.The highest Refuge of all emancipated persons
13.The Immutable
14.He that lies enclosed in a case
15.The Witness
16.He that knows the material case in which He resides
17.The Indestructible                                      


yogoh yoga-vidaam netaa pradhaana-purushesvarah
naarasimha- vapuh sreemaan kesavah purushottamah.

18 yogah   22 sreemaan
19 yoga-vidaam netaa   23 kesavah
20 pradhaana-purushesvarah   24 purushottamah.
21 naarasimha- vapuh      

18. He upon whom the mind rests during Yoga-abstraction
19. The guide or leader of all persons conversant with Yoga
20. The Lord of both Pradhana (or Prakriti) and Purusha
21. He that assumes a human form with a leonine head
22. He of handsome features and equipments
23. He of beautiful hair
24. The foremost of Purushas


sarvas-sharvas-sivah sthaanur bhootaadir nidhir-avyayah
sambhavo bhaavano bhartaa prabhavah prabhur-eesvarah.


25 sarvaah   31 sambhavah
26 sharvah   32 bhaavanah
27 sivah   33 bhartaa
28 sthaanuh   34 prabhavah
29 bhootaadih   35 prabhuh
30 nidhir-avyayah   36 eesvarah.

25. The embodiment of all things
26. The Destroyer of all things
27. He that transcends the three attributes of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas
28.. The Motionless
29. The Beginning of all things
30. The Receptacle into which all things sink at the universal Dissolution
31. The Immutable
32. He who takes birth at his own will
33. He who causes the acts of all living creatures to fructify (in the form
     of weal or woe) the Upholder of all things
34. The Source from which the primal elements have sprung
35. The Puissant One
36. He in whom is the unbounded Lordship over all things

svayambhooh sambhur aadityah pushkaraaksho mahaasvanah
anaadi-nidhano dhaataa vidhaataa dhaaturuttamah.

37 svayambhooh   42 anaadi-nidhanah
38 sambhuh   43 dhaataa
39 aadityah   44 vidhaataa
40 pushkaraakshah   45 dhaaturuttamah.
41 mahaasvanah      

37. The self-born
38. He that gives happiness to His worshippers
39. The presiding Genius (of golden form) in the midst of the Solar disc
40. The Lotus-eyed
41. Loud-voiced
42. He that is without beginning and without end
43. He that upholds the universe (in the form of Ananta and others)
44. He that ordains all acts and their fruits
45. He that is superior to the Grandsire Brahma

aprameyo hrisheekesah padmanaabho-a- maraprabhuh
visvakarmaa manustvashtaa sthavishthah sthaviro dhruvah.

46 aprameyah   51 manuh
47 hrisheekesah   52 tvashtaa
48 padmanaabhah   53 sthavishthah
49 amaraprabhuh   54 sthaviro dhruvah
50 visvakarmaa      

46. The Immeasurable
47. The Lord of the senses (or He that has curled locks)
48. He from whose naval the primeval lotus sprang
49. The Lord of all the deities (the devas, the immortals)
50. The Artificer of the universe
51. The Mantra (or He who has manifested Himself in the form of the Vedic Mantras)
52. He that weakens or emaciates all things
53. He that is vast
54. The Ancient one (sthavirah) He that is enduring (motionless or firm, Druvah)

agraahyah saasvatah krishno lohitaakshah pratardanah
prabhootah trikakub-dhaama pavitram mangalam param.

55 agraahyah   60 prabhootah
56 saasvatah   61 tri-kakub-dhaama
57 krishnah   62 pavitram
58 lohitaakshah   63 param mangalam
59 pra-tarda-nah      

55. He that is incapable of being seized (by either the senses or the mind)
56. The Eternal One
57. Krishna
58. The Red-eyed
59. He that kills all creatures at the time of the universal dissolution
60. He that is vast for knowledge and puissance and other attributes of  the kind
61. He that resides in three parts (above, middle and below) of every creature
62. That which clenses
63. Is auspicious and high

eesaanah praanadah praano jyeshthah sreshthah prajaapatih
hiranya-garbho bhoo-garbho maadhavo madhu-soodanah

64 eesaanah   69 prajaapatih
65 praanadah   70 hiranya-garbhah
66 praanah   71 bhoo-garbhah
67 jyeshthah   72 maadhavah
68 sreshthah   73 madhu-soodanah

64.He that urges all creatures in respect of all their acts
65. He that causes the life-breaths to act
66. He that causes all living creatures to live
67. The Eldest
68. The Foremost of all (the most glorious One)
69. The Lord of all living creatures
70. He that has gold in his abdomen (gold in 'golden universe' is an idiom        
in Sanskrit meaning 'object of fulfilment and joy'
71. He that has the Earth for his abdomen. One who is the very womb of        
the world (Bhooh) The One from whom the world has emerged out.
72. The Lord of Sri or Mahalakshmee
73. The Slayer of Madhu

eesvaro vikramee dhanvee medhaavee vikramah kramah
anuttamo duraadharshah kritajnah kritir-aatmavaan.

74 eesvarah   80 anuttamah
75 vikramee   81 duraadharshah
76 dhanvee   82 kritajnah
77 medhaavee   83 kritih
78 vikramah   84 aatmavaan
79 kramah      

74. The Omnipotent
75.  He that is endued with great prowess
76. He that is armed with the bow
77. He that is possessed of a mind capable of bearing the contents of all       
78. He that roves through the universe (riding on Garuda)
79. He that is well suited to the offerings made unto Him and that has        
the power to enjoy them properly
80. The Unrivalled
81. He that is incapable of being discomfited
82. He that knows all acts that are done
83. He that is identical with all acts
84. He that rests on His own true self

suresah saranam sarma visva-retaah prajaa-bhavah
ahah samvatsaro vyaalah pratyayah sarvadarsanah.

85 suresah   90 ahah
86 saranam   91 samvatsarah
87 sarma   92 vyaalah
88 visvaretaah   93 pratyayah
89 prajaabhavah   94 sarvadarsanah

85.The Lord of all the deities
86. He that is the Refuge of all
87. The embodiment of the highest felicity
88. He whose seed is the universe
He that is the source of all things
90. The Day (in consequence of His awakenung Jiva or embodied
     soul, who is steeped in the sleep of Nescience) He is the One, ever
     effulgent and bright”; as bright as the daylight that illumines all
     objects around
91. The Year, One who is the Lord of Time
92. The Snake (owing to His being incapable of being seized)
93. The embodiment of Conviction
94. He that sees all things (all-seeing)

ajah sarvesvarah siddhah siddhih sarvaadir achyutah
vrishaakapir ameyaatmaa sarva-yoga- vinissritah.

95 ajah   100 achyutah
96 sarvesvarah   101 vrishaakapir
97 siddhah   102 ameyaatmaa
98 siddhih   103 sarva-yoga- vinissritah
99 sarvaadih      

95. The Unborn
96.The Lord of all creatures
97. He that has achieved success
98. He that is Success itself
99. He that is the beginning of all things (in consequence of His being

      the cause of all things)
100. He that is above deterioration
101. He that is Righteousness (in the form of the bovine bull and the great

       boar that raised the submerged Earth)
102. He that is of immeasurable soul
103. He that stands aloof from all kinds of union




Rudro bahu-siraa babhrur visvayonis-suchi-sravaah-
amritah saasvatah-sthaanur- varaaroho mahaatapaah.


sarvagah sarvavid-bhaanuh- vishvak-sena janaardanah
veda vedavid-avyango vedaanga vedavit kavih.


 lokaadhyakshah suraadhyaksho dharmaadhyakshah krita-akritah
chaturaatmaa chaturvyoohas-chatur-damshtras-chatur-bhujah.



bhraajishnur-bhojanam bhoktaa sahishnur- jagadaadijah
anagho vijayo jetaa visvayonih punarvasuh.



upendro vaamanah praamsur-amoghah suchir-oorjitah
ateendrah samgrahah sargo dhritaatmaa niyamo yamah.

 vedyo vaidyah sadaa-yogee eerahaa maadhavo madhuh
ati-indriyo mahaamaayo mahotsaaho mahaabalah.





mahaabuddhir-mahaa- veeryo mahaa-saktir mahaa-dyutih
anirdesya-vapuh sreemaan ameyaatmaa mahaadri-dhrik.



maheshvaaso maheebhartaa sreenivaasah sataam gatih
aniruddhah suraanando govindo govindaam-patih.



mareechir-damano hamsah suparno bhujagottamah
hiranyanaabhah sutapaah padmanaabhah prajaapatih.



 amrityus-sarva-drik simhah san-dhaataa sandhimaan sthirah
ajo durmarshanah saastaa visrutaatmaa suraarihaa.



gurur-gurutamo dhaama satyas-satya-paraakramah
nimisho-a-nimishah sragvee vaachaspatir-udaara-dheeh.


 agraneer-graamaneeh sreemaan nyaayo netaa sameeranah
sahasra-moordhaa visvaatmaa sahasraakshas-sahasrapaat.


vasur-vasumanaah satyah samaatmaa sammitah samah
amoghah pundareekaaksho vrishakarmaa vrishaakritih.


 Rudro bahu-siraa babhrur visvayonis-suchi-sravaah-
amritah saasvatah-sthaanur- varaaroho mahaatapaah.

 sarvagah sarvavid-bhaanuh- vishvak-sena janaardanah
veda vedavid-avyango vedaanga vedavit kavih.



lokaadhyakshah suraadhyaksho dharmaadhyakshah krita-akritah
chaturaatmaa chaturvyoohas-chatur-damshtras-chatur-bhujah.



bhraajishnur-bhojanam bhoktaa sahishnur- jagadaadijah
anagho vijayo jetaa visvayonih punarvasuh.



upendro vaamanah praamsur-amoghah suchir-oorjitah
ateendrah samgrahah sargo dhritaatmaa niyamo yamah.



vedyo vaidyah sadaa-yogee eerahaa maadhavo madhuh
ati-indriyo mahaamaayo mahotsaaho mahaabalah.



mahaabuddhir-mahaa- veeryo mahaa-saktir mahaa-dyutih
anirdesya-vapuh sreemaan ameyaatmaa mahaadri-dhrik.



maheshvaaso maheebhartaa sreenivaasah sataam gatih
aniruddhah suraanando govindo govindaam-patih.



mareechir-damano hamsah suparno bhujagottamah
hiranyanaabhah sutapaah padmanaabhah prajaapatih.



amrityus-sarva-drik simhah san-dhaataa sandhimaan sthirah
ajo durmarshanah saastaa visrutaatmaa suraarihaa.




gurur-gurutamo dhaama satyas-satya-paraakramah
nimisho-a-nimishah sragvee vaachaspatir-udaara-dheeh.




agraneer-graamaneeh sreemaan nyaayo netaa sameeranah
sahasra-moordhaa visvaatmaa sahasraakshas-sahasrapaat.




aavartano nivrittaatmaa samvritah sam-pramardanah
ahassamvartako vahnir anilo dharaneedharah.




suprasaadah prasannaatmaa visva-dhrik- visvablluk- vibhuh
satkartaa satkritah saadhur jahnur-naaraayano narah.



asankhyeyo-aprameyaatmaa visishtah sishta-krit-suchih
siddhaarthah siddhasankalpah siddhidah siddhisaadhanah.



vrishaahee vrishabho vishnur-vrishaparvaa vrishodarah
vardhano vardhamaanascha viviktah sruti-saagarah.



subhujo durdharo vaagmee mahendro vasudo vasuh
naika-roopo brihad-roopah sipivishtah prakaasanah.



ojas-tejo-dyutidharah prakaasa-aatmaa prataapanah
riddhah spashtaaksharo mantras-chandraamsur-bhaaskara- dyutih.



amritaamsoodbhavo bhaanuh sasabinduh suresvarah
aushadham jagatas-setuh satya-dharma-paraakramah.



bhoota-bhavya-bhavan-naathah pavanah paavano-analah
kaamahaa kaamakrit-kaantah kaamah kaamapradah prabhuh.




yugaadi-krit yugaavarto naikamaayo mahaasanah
adrisyo vyaktaroopascha sahasrajit anantajit.



ishto visishtah sishteshtah sikhandee nahusho vrishah
krodhahaa krodhakrit kartaa visvabaahur maheedharah.




achyutuh prathitah praanah praanado vaasavaanujah
apaam nidhiradhishthaanam apramattah pratishthitah



skandah skanda-dharo dhuryo varado vaaryuvaahanah
vasudevo brihat bhaanur aadidevah purandarah.




asokastaaranastaarah soorah saurih-janesvarah
anukoolah sataavarttah padmee padmanibhekshanah.



padmanaabho-arvindaakshah padmagarbhah sareerabhrit
maharddhi-riddhah uriddhaatmaa mahaakshah gantdadhvajah.



atulah sarabhah bheemah samayajno havirharih
sarvalakshanalakshanyah lakshmeevaan samitinjayah.



viksharo rohito maargo hetur daamodarah sahah
maheedharo mahaabhaago vegavaan-amitaasanah.



udbhavah kshubhano devah sreegarbhah paramesvarah
karanam kaaranam kartaa vikartaa gahano guhah.



vyavasaayo vyavasthaanah samsthaanah sthaanado-dhruvah
pararddhih paramaspashtah-tushtah pushtah subhekshanah.



raamo viraamo virajo maargo neyo nayo-anayah
veerah saktimataam-sreshthah dharmo dharmaviduttamah.



vasikunthah purushah praanah praanadah pranavah prithuh
hiranyagarbhah satrughno vyaapto vaayuradhokshajah.



rituh sudarsanah kaalah parameshthee parigrahah
ugrah samvatsaro daksho visraamo visva-dakshinah.



vistaarah sthaavarah sthaanuh pramaanam beejamavyayam
artho anartho mahaakoso mahaabhogo mahaadhanah.




anirvinnah sthavishtho-abhoordharma-yoopo mahaa-makhah
nakshatranemir nakshatree kshamah kshaamahsameehanah.



yajnah ijyo mahejyashcha kratuh satram sataam gatih
sarvadarshee vimuktaatmaa sarvajno jnaanamuttamam.



suvratah sumukhah sookshmah sughoshah sukhadah suhrit
manoharo jita-krodho veerabaahurvidaaranah.



svaapanah svavaso vyaapee naikaatmaa naikakarmakrit
vatsaro vatsalo vatsee ratnagarbho dhanesvarah.



dharmagub dharmakrit dharmee sadasatksharamaksharam
avijnaataa sahasraamsur vidhaataa kritalakshanah.


gabhastinemih sattvasthah simho bhootamahesvarah
aadidevo mahaadevo deveso devabhrit guruh.

uttaro gopatirgoptaa jnaanagamyah puraatanah
sareera bhootabhritbhoktaa kapeendro bhooridakshinah.



somapo-amritapah somah purujit purusattamah
vinayo jayah satyasandho daasaarhah saatvataam patih.



jeeva vinayitaa-saakshee mukundo-amitavikramah
ambhanidhiranantaatmaa mahadadhisayo-antakah.



ajo mahaarhah svaabhaavyo jitaamitrah pramodanah
aanando nandano nandah satyadharmaa trivikramah.



maharshih kapilaachaaryah kritajno medineepatih
tripadastridasaadhyaksho mahaasringah kritaantakrit.



mahaavaraaho govindah sushenah kanakaangade
guhyo gabheero gahano guptaschakragadaadharah.



vedhaah svaangojitah krishno dridhah sankarshanochyutah
varuno vaaruno vrikshah pushkaraaksho mahaamanaah.




bhagavaan bhagahaanandee vanamaalee halaayudhah
aadityo jyotiraadityah sahishnurgatisattamah.



sudhanvaa khandaparasurdaaruno dravinnapradhah
divah-sprik sarvadrik vyaaso vaachaspatirayonijah.



trisaamaa saamagah .Saama nirvaanam bheshajam bhishak
samnyaasakrit-sanaah saanto nishthaa saantih paraayanam.



subhaangah saantidah srashtaa kumudah kuvalesayah
gohito gopatir goptaa vrishabhaaksho vrishapriyah.



anivartee nivrittaatmaa samksheptaa kshemakrit-sivah
sreevatsavakshaah sreevaasah sreepatih sreemataam varah.



sreedah sreesah sreenivaasah sreenidhih sreevibhaavanah
sreedharah sreekarah sreyah sreemaan-lokatrayaasrayah.




svakshah svangah sataanando nandirjyotirganesvarah
vijitaatmaa vidheyaatmaa salkeertischhinnasamsayah.



udeernah sarvataschakshuraneesah saasvatasthirah
bhoosayo bhooshano bhootirvisokah sokanaasanah.



archishmaanarchitah kumbho visuddhaatmaa visodhanah
aniruddhoapratirathah pradyumnoamitavikramah.



kaalaneminihaa veerah saurih soorajanesvarah
trilokaatmaa trilokesah kesavah kesihaa harih.




kaamadevah kaamapaalah kaamee kaantah kritaagamah
anirdesyavapurvishnurveeroananto dhananjayah.



brahmanyo brahmakrit brahmaa brahma brahmavivardhanah
brahmavid braahmano brahmee brahmajno braahmanapriyah.




mahaakramo mahaakarmaa mahaatejaah mahoragah
mahaakraturmahaayajvaa mahaayajno mahaahavih.



stavyah stavapriyah stotram stutih stotaa ranapriyah
poornah poorayitaa punyah punyakeertiranaamayah.




manojavasteerthakaro vasurtaah vasurpradah
vasuprado vaasudevo vasurvasumanaah havih.




sadgatih satkritih sattaa sadbhootih satparaayanah
sooraseno yadusreshthah sannivaasah suyaamunah.



bhootaavaaso vaasudevah sarvaasunilayo-analah
darpahaa darpado dripto durdharo-athaaparaajitah.



anekamoortiravyaktah satamoortih sataananah.



eko naikah savah kah kim yattatpadamanuttamam
lokabandhurlokanaatho maadhavo bhaktavatsalah.



suvarnavarno hemaango varaangaschandanaangadee
veerahaa vishamah soonyo ghritaaseerachalaschalah.



amaanee maanado maanyo lokasvaamee trilokadhrik
sumedhaa medhajo dhanyah satyamedhah dharaadharah.



tejovrisho dyutidharah sarvasastrabhritaam varah
pragraho nigraho vyagro naikasringo gadaagrajah.



chaturaatmaa chaturbhaavaschaturvedavidekapaat.


samaavarto-anivrittaatmaa durjayo duratikramah
durlabho durgamo durgo duraavaaso duraarihaa.




manojavasteerthakaro vasurtaah vasurpradah
vasuprado vaasudevo vasurvasumanaah havih.



sadgatih satkritih sattaa sadbhootih satparaayanah
sooraseno yadusreshthah sannivaasah suyaamunah.



bhootaavaaso vaasudevah sarvaasunilayo-analah
darpahaa darpado dripto durdharo-athaaparaajitah.




subhaango lokasaarangah sutantustantuvardhanah
indrakarmaa mahaakarmaa kritakarmaa kritaagamah.



udbhavah sundarah sundo ratnanaabhah sulochanah
arko vaajasanah sringee jayantah sarvavij-jayee.



suvarnabindurakshobh yah sarvavaageesvaresvarah
mahaahrado mahaagarto mahaabhooto mahaanidhih.



kumudah kundarah kundah parjanyah paavano-anilah
amritaaso-amritavapuh sarvajnah sarvatomukhah.



sulabhah suvratah siddhah satrujit satrutaapanah



sahasraarchih saptajihvah saptaidhaah saptavaahanah
amoortiranagho-achintyo bhayakrit bhayanaasanah.



anurbrihat krisah sthoolo gunabhrinnirguno mahaan
adhritah svadhritah svaasyah praagvamso vamsavardhanah.



bhaarabhritkathito yogee yogeesah sarvakaamadah
aasramah sramanah kshaamah suparno vaayuvaahanah.



dhanurdharo dhanurvedo dando damayitaa damah
aparaajitah sarvasaho niyantaa niyamo yamah.



sattvavaan saattvikah satyah satyadharmaparaayanah
abhipraayah priyaarho-arhah priyakrit-preetivardhanah.



vihaayasagatirjyotih suruchirhutabhug vibhuh
ravirvirochanah sooryah savitaa ravilochanah.


ananto hutbhugbhoktaa sukhado naikajoagrajah
anirvinnah sadaamarshee lokaadhishthaanamadbhutah.


sanaat sanaatanatamah kapilah kapirapyayah
svastidah svastikrit svasti svastibhuk svastidakshinah.



araudrah kundalee chakree vikramyoorjitasaasanah
sabdaatigah sabdasahah sisirah sarvareekarah.



akroorah pesalo daksho dakshinah kshaminaam varah
vidvattamo veetabhayah punyasravanakeertanah.



uttaarano dushkritihaa punyo duhsvapnanaasanah
veerahaa rakshanah santo jeevanah paryavasthitah.



anantaroopo-anantasreer jitamanyur bhayaapahah
chaturasro gabheeraatmaa vidiso vyaadiso disah.


anaadirbhoorbhuvo lakahmeeh suveero ruchiraangadah
Janano janajanmaadir bheemo bheemaparaakramah.



aadhaaranilayo-adhaata pushpahaasah prajaagarah
oordhvagah satpathaachaarah praanadah prranavah panah.



pramaanam prananilayah praanabhrit praanajeevanah
tattvam tattvavidekaatmaa janmamrityujaraatigah.



bhoorbhuvah svastarustaarah savitaaa prapitaamahah
yajno yajnapatiryajvaa yajnaango yajnavaahmah.



yajnabhridyajnakridyajnee yajnabhugyajnasaadhah
yajnaantakridyajnaguhyamannamannaada eva cha.



aatnayonih svayamjaato vaikhaanah saamagaayanah
devakeenandanah srashtaa kshiteesah paapanaasanah.



Samkhabhirnnandakee chakree saarngadhanvaa gadaadharah
Rathaangapaanirakshobhyah sarvapraharanaayudhah.






[The 1000 names end here...]












































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